Business Journals


When I arrived on the scene at the Westchester and Fairfield Business Journals, 4-day-a-week employee went live with the web version of these papers the Thursday after Monday morning publication.

Using XML from Quark (later InDesign), a smaller staff was able to generate the full web version of the paper four days before the paper version hit the mailboxes, at a tiny fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

Build out full eCommerce for online paper purchases, integrated with two different vendors.

Designed and built full Drupal version of editorial section as first step to database-backed publishing system.

Problem Definition: 

One of those integration problems at which clemandco excels: how to take items and protocols on hand and turn them in a real, working system that saves time and money?

Many phases, from initial development of the online papers and scripts, to full ecommerce, metatagging, dynamic publication through much-hacked Drupal instance.