RFP Writing


I began consulting with Polytechnic University (formerly Brooklyn Polytechnic, now Polytechnic Institute of NYU) in January 2007.

I was asked in about September 2007 to craft an RFP to convert the entire panoply of 70+ university sites into a unified, branded, managed, controlled sites, in which the content creators, aided with the appropriate tools and best-practices, are kings.

The project went out for bid January 2008, and the very interesting firm of Agent16 was chosen.

This was an extraordinary experience, 30+ interviews and relentless documentation. Would I do it again?

In a heartbeat.

Problem Definition: 

Unify and excite the web experience for the US's second-oldest technical school, with 70+ separate sites, 3000 students, and probably 100+ content provides, some of them Nobel Laureates.

Ask the right question. Listen.
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