Dubbed MEMBER+, the Neta4 solution offers a unique strategy for integrating push, privacy, and personalization technologies into a single unified software package which allows customers to more effectively trade personal profile information for merchant-supplied benefits and discounts. Using MEMBER+, Web-based merchants will be able to deliver product and service related promotions direct to customers on a one-to-one rather than an anonymous aggregated basis, helping build brand loyalty and increasing customer satisfaction.

At the core of Neta4 MEMBER+ is a powerful Java-based client-centric software application which allows merchants to set up customer relationships using the intuitive metaphor of the virtual membership "card." This application allows customers to more effectively organize, track and manage both their personal profile information and the rich-media promotions pushed back to them by merchants in exchange for that data -- all through a privacy- enhanced communications infrastructure that is particularly easy for new merchants to plug into and get started.

Neta4 is also creating a proprietary infrastructure which allows merchants to quickly connect with new customers who've expressed an interest in a particular type of product or service, and for new merchants to tap into Neta4's existing customer base -- even for "trial balloon" direct marketing pitches prior to buying into the full Neta4 MEMBER+ package.

The Neta4 infrastructure will, additionally, allow merchants to more easily link with other merchants to create seamless and on-the-fly super- targeted cross-merchant promotions to push back to users. This sophisticated two way data and push infrastructure -- which is entirely new to the Web landscape -- allows Neta4 to offer a complete turnkey approach to the "brokering" of relationships.

Problem Definition: 

How to build a customized, encrypted browsing experience for offline, users, with eCommerce and other features?

Perfect, by the way, for secure invoice presentment, custom catalogs, and a thousand-and-one other uses?

Ongoing project, with teams in Jerusalem, San Francisco, and New York.