What I Can Do for You

Simple. Bring a twenty-five year career of integrating design and technology, is what.

Some of these projects are high-end retail solutions, like Samsung, Continental Airlines, or Amex. Others are distributed, high-value applications for internal or professional use by HR, legal, management, or other functions.

Still others are experiments which, in their time, pushed the limits of what can be done on the web.

Regardless of project, client, venue, or toolkit, I have a long term, proven track record of solving problems in the real world.

Whoa - has it really been 10 years?

To my clients, vendors, and many friends a hearty thank you!

I'm taking the time to work on a new look-and-feel -- to give it a sense of the full interactive services clem + co has provided to businesses, media outlets, not-for-profits, and experimental projects.

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